In 80–90% of interview cases, there are few common questions. I am explaining to you that how to deal with those questions for a web developer or a programmer JOB interview purpective.

Question 1: Tell me about yourself or Why don't you tell me about yourself.

Sample Answer: I’m a curious Full-stack web developer” at present I am working as a local freelancer. I am focused on MERN Stack and at present I doing most of the client projects using React.js, Node.js, MongoDB.
Prior to my current role, I had been worked as a PHP MySql developer for four years, and last year I was the team leader. There I have managed Linux WHM…

I am going to share some Entry and Mid-level JavaScript developer job interview questions that you should know before JavaScript Interview.

I am going to discuss — What is Truthy and Falsy values, Tell me Null Vs Undefined, Double equal (==) vs triple equal (===), What is Implicit conversion, Discuss (Scope, block scope), What is acc/accumulator, What is Closure, What is Encapsulation, Tell the difference between bind-call and apply, this keyword, What is Asynchronous Javascript and describe setTimeout and setInterval, What is Event loop- stack and queue, What is Recursive function, What is Event bubble, Describe the key features of…

If you are a kick start beginner react.js developer and want to know about basic functionality, component, hooks, and fundamentals I hope this article will help you. I am trying to describe the things informatively within minimum description and less coding example.

What is React

React is a declarative User Interface (UI) JavaScript library created by Facebook. It’s a tool for building UI components and not exactly a “framework”. You can check library vs Framework from another article. …

I have written about basic javascript in my previous article in “You need to Know About JavaScript”, I will explain some more beginner javascript issues in this article. If you are a beginner javascript programmer or curious about javascript then you should read this article. We will discuss some basics about Hoisting and Es6 Bloc Lever variable, Primitive values, Objects, Functions, Js Error Handling, Json Error Handling, and more.
Here I explain the core concepts of them, I will do a more elaborate discussion in another article.

Js Hoisting

Hoisting is JavaScript’s default behavior of moving all declarations to the top of…

I will explain some basic things about Javascript and also some Interesting code examples you need to know!

Introduce with JavaScript

You may familiar or not with Javascript. It is also called Ecma Script (ES) JavaScript is a scripting language created in 1995 by Brendan Eich. At present we are using JavaScript/ECMA Script Version 6 (ES6) and the last update published in 2015. It is designed to run as a scripting language in a host environment like Browser. But it can be interpreted in server-side environments such as Node JS. …

Writing for Next Generation

Hi, I am Rajibul Hasan,
I am a programmer &Full-Stack web developer. My passion is writing code. Now I am writing a blog too! Because I want to share my knowledge and experience through the internet and trying to writing.
For the first time, I am feeling little difficulties that how to start writing or which topic I should write.
I think I will figure it out gradually!

Rajibul Hasan

I am a curious Programmer and Full-Stack Web Developer. My passion is coding and love to share my knowledge and experience with others.

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